The National Wildlife Humane Society is the first Humane Society dedicated to captive and non-captive wildlife. Real People, Real Animals, Real Compassion



In the bush, antelopes stay close to giraffes trusting their warning. Birds light on the antelopes to hunt for parasites, and through it all a pride of lions stalks the herd looking to feed their family. It is the nature of living things to enter into vital relationships with other species. Only humans seek a self-imposed exile from the natural world. Some think nature is only a backdrop for man, others a paradise man is unworthy to enjoy.

Either way, severing our connection with nature wounds our spirits and limits our options in saving Earth's grandest treasures. We must learn to reach out with compassion and responsibility to save and appreciate wildlife.

National Wildlife Humane Society maintains a real wildlife sanctuary (founded in 1990, closed in 2022), assists conservation allies* around the world working with real wildlife and wild habitat, provides real educational materials to the public, and maintains an active internet community dedicated to wildlife and nature. *View our allies' pages using their links in the left margin.

NWHS is indeed "Keeping It Real"

"A World Without Wildlife, Is A World Not Fit For Humans"

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