Humane caregiving is all about keeping animals fit.  At National Wildlife Humane Society and Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary, we recognize fitness which is important to an animal's quality of life.


Wildlife Fitness

The fitness of wildlife is as equally important in the wild, as it is in captivity.

As humans encroach into the habitats of wildlife, they weaken the ability for wildlife to live in the environment they are genetically suited for. Not always can wildlife co-exist peacefully with humans. With many species of wildlife, conflict is inevitable. Humans and wildlife end up competing for space, and the animals find themselves without habitat and/or food. They end up foraging into the realm of humans, then trouble ensues.

The fitness of individual animals, and wildlife species in general, suffer because of this plight. Evolved humans should take this into consideration when developing areas of business, agriculture or residential properties. Impact studies are important for awareness of problems that indigenous wildlife might suffer, and be considered prior to encroachment. This is especially important for species that are threatened or endangered.

We humans have a moral obligation to wildlife, to ensure that our expansion does not unnecessarily devastate any wildlife species. We should be cognizant that we share this world with many other lifeforms, and have assumed the role of the Gardeners Of Earth. We are far more dependent on other lifeforms of this planet than we may realize. It's possible that our own survival may one day be threatened by our negative actions concerning wildlife.

National Wildlife Humane Society regards the fitness of wildlife in captivity, and in the wild. "Humane" goes further than just a zoo, sanctuary or pet owner. "Humane" should also be extended to the fitness of individual species, and wildlife as a whole. Fitness is about maintaining the health and well being for all animals, whether wildlife, captive or domestic.

Humane is more than a word. It is a principle in maintaining a fit and viable Earth, through the protection of wildlife and nature.

Humane is the responsibility of Humanity.