Ideals are only a map in search of travelers willing and able to go the distance.  Humane work is not for everyone.  It is hard, unrelenting, and never ending.  For those making the journey with NWHS, our shared ideals are these:



    I.      We believe an animal's life has dignity and value.
    II.     We believe that an animal can suffer.
    III.    We believe any unnecessary suffering is unacceptable.
    IV.    We believe that love is action, not attitude.


We believe that suffering is sometimes an inescapable fact of life. Humans sometimes suffer, wildlife sometimes suffers, all in the realm of everyday natural existence.

People lose loved ones, get sick, get injured. Wild animals suffer injury, suffer from natural predators, and are stricken with illness in the wild. However, NWHS believes that unnecessary suffering can be avoided, especially concerning wildlife.

We do not feel that humans should create a self-imposed exile from animals, not even wildlife. There is a common sense and logical path to follow, in maintaining a healthy balance and harmony between humans and wildlife. Humans should respect the value of wildlife, and make efforts to ensure that it is not we that are the cause of unnecessary suffering of animals.

Realizing that wildlife and humans both need space upon our tiny planet, NWHS urges the human population to "make room". Make room in the great outdoors, make room in properly maintained zoos and sanctuaries, but most importantly, make room in our hearts.

Our goal is to share our vision of a world where wildlife (and all animals) are respected as fellow life forms and receive the respect that is due them. Our plans are to distribute information and current news concerning wildlife to concerned humans. We would also like to expand on our physical sanctuary facility to provide rescue, refuge and comfort to wildlife requiring homes.


  • NWHS networks with sanctuaries, organizations, and government agencies to assist in finding places for wildlife needing placement.
  • Finding suitable places for them, if sanctuaries with space are available.
  • If places are not available, then NWHS endeavors to make room for them at our own sanctuary.
  • NWHS creates alliances with conservation organizations throughout the world, to assist and support field efforts in the wild.
  • Through the internet, Cougar Hill Web and Wildlife Community Network provides information, education and discovery concerning wildlife and nature.
  • Of extreme importance, enlightenment in the importance of life (all life) and our very precious Mother Earth.

    To try to live free, we do as we see, and the best we can be.
    We choose what is true, but it's nothing new.
    We Are What We Do.