The National Wildlife Humane Society Advisory Council are people involved in various wildlife fields. They support NWHS in providing advice and information concerning their field of wildlife and/or environmental expertise.



Dr Clay Wilson (RIP) - International Wildlife Rescue

Dr. Clay Wilson was the Founder/Director of International Wildlife Rescue based out of Naples, Florida. Clay graduated from University of Florida, with a BSC in Zoology, in 1979. After a year break, working as a game warden In Sabi Sabi, Clay then attended veterinary school at Onderstepoort Pretoria, graduating in 1987. Dr. Wilson spent over five years working in Botswana Africa as a wildlife veterinarian and directed a non-profit wildlife conservation organization there.

Along with running International Wildlife Rescue, Clay also worked with and advised other wildlife conservation organizations in matters of wildlife health and veterinary medicine. Sadly, Dr. Wilson passed away on December 20, 2013. He is missed by many humans and wild animals.
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Claire Coulson - CERCOPAN
Claire Coulson is the Director of CERCOPAN, a non-profit conservation organization in Nigeria, Africa. Prior to joining CERCOPAN in January 2007 she was the Wildlife Coordinator for the World Society for the Protection Of Animals managing conservation and animal welfare projects in Africa, Asia and South America. Claire has also worked with wild primates in the Amazon and Madagascan rainforests, and with captive primates in the Banham and San Diego Zoos.

Claire holds a BSc in Ecology and an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Management. She sits on a number of biodiversity related technical working groups and committees in Nigeria, and is a trustee for a Nigerian NGO, The Association of Wood Producers, which seeks to add value to wood products in Cross River State to reduce deforestation and encourage sustainable livelihoods.
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Paul Thomson - Ewaso Lions

Paul Thomson is the Director of Operations of the Ewaso Lions conservation team in Kenya Africa. Paul has over five years professional experience in African wildlife conservation and communications in social media. His interest lies in large carnivores and minimizing human-wildlife conflict. Before joining Ewaso Lions, Paul worked with the African Wildlife Foundation in Washington, DC and Kenya. Born in New Zealand and raised in the USA, Paul holds a BSc in Wildlife Ecology and Management from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

In 2007 Paul was selected for the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Defenders of Wildlife. He also co-founded the Pangolin Conservation Support Initiative, and remains active raising awareness about the illegal trade in this endangered Asian mammal.
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Dr. Jordan Schaul

Dr. Jordan Schaul has a PhD in Veterinary Science and a Master's degree in Zoology. His interests are in carnivore conservation medicine and conservation education. Jordan completed part of a doctorate in herpetile physiological ecology and attended veterinary school before taking time off to pursue work with international conservation organizations. He has worked with living collections in zoos, aquariums, marine parks, sanctuaries, and rehabilitation facilities in research, training, and husbandry capacities. He is an ex-officio council member for the International Association for Bear Research and Management and an advisor to the Association of Zoos and Aquarium's Bear Taxon Advisory Group.

Jordan has long been passionate about bears and their conservation, but has studied and published work on other captive and free-ranging mammal species, as well as birds, herpetiles, and fish. He recently developed an on-line zoo biology and conservation research news resource, Zoo Peeps.

Jodi L. Massie - Herpetologist

Jodi Massie has been a contract researcher through Black Hills State University since 2000. Jodi has worked on various herpetological research projects around the Black Hills and South Dakota. Jodi has also worked in North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, Arizona and the Caribbean nation of Antigua.

Jodi is currently directing a herp inventory and habitat assessment for Devils Tower National Monument. Jodi is working in the Integrative Genomics MS program at BHSU, where her research is focused on garter snakes.