The National Wildlife Humane Society believes in innovative and creative ways to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat. Please consider joining us in assisting those who seek avenues of lion conservation and educational outreach through direct field efforts in northern Kenya Africa.


Ewaso Lions is a grassroots project whose mission is to promote the conservation of lions through research and community-based outreach programmes. Formed in 2007 under Oxford PhD candidate, Shivani Bhalla, a Kenyan national, Ewaso Lions investigates the factors affecting the population dynamics of lions in and around the Ewaso Nyiro ecosystem in northern Kenya.

This research enables the formulation of strategies for long-term lion conservation by achieving an understanding of the factors driving pride establishments, their associations and movements in the wild, the extent of human-lion conflict, and the impact of habitat loss.

National Wildlife Humane Society is a conservation ally of Ewaso Lions. Paul Thomson, Director of Operations for Ewaso Lions, is a member of the NWHS Wildlife Advisory Council.

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