National Wildlife Humane Society is about wildlife. NWHS is about enlightenment and awareness concerning the plight of our wild brethern and their diminishing habitats. We either make room for wild animals, or we lose them forever.


National Wildlife Humane Society advocates public awareness, and endeavors to bring information and common sense to the forefront concerning our world's wildlife. Our mandate includes education and information resource sharing.

NWHS is the parent organization for a small but steadfast wildlife sanctuary called Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary. Top Of The Rock has been providing rescue and sanctuary for wildlife for almost two decades.

NWHS also includes Cougar Hill Web, an online resource concerning wildlife information and current wildlife issues.

NWHS has established alliances with wildlife conservation field organizations in various parts of the world, from the African bush in Kenya, to the rainforests in Nigeria, to the equatorial rainforests of Ecuador, to tiger reserves of India. NWHS assists in managing donations and/or communications for our allies working in remote corners of the Earth, and increasing public exposure of their diligent wildlife conservation field work.

Explore the navigation links on the left side of our web pages to learn more about these conservation field allies, and how you can assist.

Our mascot Aries the Ram was adopted in 2005.  Bighorn Sheep are peaceful and content to live and let live, but they can butt heads forcefully when required.

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