National Wildlife Humane Society is a small conservation organization, much like an acorn laying on the ground amongst the giant organizations who are mighty oaks so large they block out the sun. Help shine some light on us, so that our work can grow. Link to our website wherever you are able.


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The internet has proven to be a positive force in assisting evolved humans to make changes for the good in our world.

Certainly there is far more frivolous and commercialized content on the internet than educational and informative content. Consequently, websites that represent the good efforts of people can get lost in the myriad of advertising and commercial business content.

National Wildlife Humane Society maintains a Real wildlife sanctuary, assists a Real rainforest program (you can even visit there), provides Real educational materials to the public, and maintains a Real internet community dedicated to wildlife and nature. NWHS is indeed "Keeping It Real".

We need help in finding our way to other caring folks on the internet. Although we work hard and make every penny of funding count, we are also shadowed by other conservation organizations who are enormous (with enormous overhead). You can help us step further out of this shadow and shine some light on our diligent and relentless efforts to assist wildlife in a world that is in need of change. Be a part of "sharing the caring" for the true purpose of Earth and the natural world.

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