If you operate a non-profit wildlife sanctuary or conservation organization, and have an interest trading links with NWHS, please write or email us. All links with NWHS must meet our criteria of dedicated wildlife welfare and conservation philosophies.


Conservation Links

Top of the Rock Wildlife Sanctuary - National Wildlife Humane Society's wildlife sanctuary. NWHS is more than information, education and advocacy. NWHS/TOR is a *true wildlife rescue and sanctuary facility.

*No buy, no sell, no breeding, no exhibition. Top of the Rock engages in NO commercial activities and the animals are NOT on public display.

Cougar Hill Web - Registered as Cougar Hill Sanctuary Association. Engaged in the field of environmental education in regard to animal species in the wild and in captivity.

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Wildlife Community Network - An online community of people who care about nature and the wildlife that inhabits it. Join and become a part of this growing network of concerned humans. WCN is a moderated internet community and contains no ads.

Milgis Trust - To sustain the wildlife, habitat and the pastoral peoplesí way of life in northern Kenya.
View an NWHS Page for a short informational video on Milgis trust

Wildlife Trust of India - Wild Tiger Conservation Program - To preserve India's tigers through sustainable forest conservation, community partnerships, education, anti-poaching efforts, tiger rescue and research.
View an NWHS Page for a short informational video on WTI Wild Tiger Conservation

Ewaso Lions - A conservation team working in the field in the Samburu of Kenya Africa, studying and assisting African lions. Ewaso Lions also assists in educational programs for the local people, to encourage proper conservation philosophies and general betterment of their lives.
View an NWHS Page for a short informational video on Ewaso Lions

NWHS On YouTube - Explore YouTube presentations developed for and/or by NWHS for conservation outreach and public education. NWHS also Subscribes to other wildlife educational and/or conservation videos under "Favorites" We feel you will find these videos informative as well.

National Wildlife Presentation - View a NWHS Multi-Media Sanctuary Tour. A presentation of selected animal and facility photos compiled from Top Of The Rock along with felines in the wild.

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